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The Genius Club at Cannes

The new feature film ‘The Genius Club’, from writer/director Tim Chey, will have it’s European premiere at the Cannes Film Festival/Market on May 18, 2007 at 12 p.m at the Gray 3 Theater. The interest in the film has grown since the film had a theatrical release in October 2006.

The premiere international distribution company, Eleven Arts, is handling international distribution. “We’re extremely proud to be associated with the film and congratulate Tim Chey on a terrific job in writing and directing such a powerful and emotional thriller,” says Kana Aida of Eleven Arts. “Foreign buyers from around the world have been inquiring of the film.”

“We’re delighted to be screening ‘The Genius Club’ at this year’s Cannes,” says director Tim Chey, of RiverRain Productions. “We’re looking forward to translating the film in many different languages.”

The Genius Club is produced by Arch Bonnema and Daishi Takiishi and is written and directed by Tim Chey. The official website is: http://www.TheGeniusClubMovie.com

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