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The high-profile slam-dunk competition movie, ‘Slamma Jamma’ commences shooting in January 2016.

The film, from director Tim Chey (‘Freedom’, ‘David and Goliath’), will hit theaters nationwide in September 2016.

The ground-breaking movie follows the character of Michael Diggs who gets out of prison and wins the national slam-dunk competition and in the process finds redemption. It’s like the the basketball version of ‘The Blind Side’. Already the film is receiving raves reviews in Hollywood as agents are lining up to pitch their clients for the film.

“I’m thrilled the audience will finally witness the art of street slam-dunking,” says Chey. “The dunkers wow audiences around the world.”

Like other competition movies like ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Bring it On’, Chey believes there will be a huge audience for the film when it comes to theaters next fall. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we can hit a home run at the theaters,” says Chey.

Chey promises to fill the movie with sports stars. He’s directed NBA star David Robinson and NFL star Bo Jackson in two of his well-known films, including ‘Fakin’ Da Funk’ that was the highest rated movie on cable networks in 2000. The film starred Pam Grier, Tatiana Ali, Duane Martin, Tone Loc, John Witherspoon, et al.

Chey also produced the 2014 film ‘Freedom’ starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., William Sadler, and Sharon Leal that was shot on the Amistad and ‘David and Goliath’ shot in North Africa and London.

It took Chey seventeen years to bring ‘Slamma Jamma’ to fruition. “I wrote the first draft in 1998 when street slam dunk contests were just beginning to pick up,” says Chey. “Now these contests are every week around the world.”

“Slamma Jamma”

In Theaters September 2016

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