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“Christmas Stories” Begins Filming January 2019; Tim Chey directing

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a press release on our latest movie, ‘Christmas Stories’

“The high-profile faith-based film, “Christmas Stories” will start shooting this December.

The film focuses on ten true stories that happen on Christmas Eve. The epic film will go from New York City to the battlefields of World War II to plains of Africa – all on Christmas Eve and will put Christ back into Christmas with these profound stories.

The producers are planning to release ‘Christmas Stories’ into 3,000 theaters in November 2019.

“I’ve wanted to make a Christmas movie that really reflects why the season is so important,” says Tim Chey, the director. “The world really needs a Savior right now and that Savior is Christ the Lord.”

One of the stories involves the true story of a Colombian woman who was going to kill her husband on Christmas Eve by orders from Pablo Escobar. But that night, she heard a church singing ‘Silent Night’. Drawn into the church, she gave her life to Christ and told Escobar what happened at great risk to her life.

Chey uncovered the Columbian story as he traveled to over 30 countries for his ‘Epic Journey’ film that aired prime-time on Daystar TV to 80 million homes

Another story involves the incredible true story of how the seminal Christmas song, ‘O Holy Night’, was written against all odds and how the song was almost lost and found several times. Starting in a French Chateau in the 1800’s and continuing on through the Civil War.

“I believe we’re going to hit a giant home-run for the Lord,” says Chey. “All to make Jesus known throughout the world.”

Chey runs the third largest faith-based production company, RiverRain Productions, and his partners are currently raising over $1 billion to create the largest faith-based studio.

Chey’s other films, “Freedom” (Cuba Gooding, Jr., Sharon Leal) for Showtime on the early life of John Newton, writer of ‘Amazing Grace’, “David and Goliath” (Miles Sloman), and “Slamma Jamma” for Sony Pictures.

His latest film, ‘The Islands’ (Mira Sorvino, Ricky Sua’ava) hits theaters in the Spring 2019.

Shooting on Christmas Stories

Tim Chey’s Christmas Stories – Filming in January 2019

Official Website for ‘Christmas Stories’

Interview with Carman

God bless!

Tim Chey

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