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Very Excited About ’20 Minutes’

Press Release on 20 Minutes:

’20 Minutes’ is about an incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii that changes twelve people’s lives when they discover they have 20 minutes to live.

The characters in the film range from a conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat; atheist and Believer; and a Japanese billionaire and Native Hawaiian – all seeking refuge as the missile approaches.

“The movie ponders the ultimate question,” says director Tim Chey. “What if I had twenty minutes to live?”

The film was included in the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen International magazines and people from around the world were intrigued by the film.

“I met a guy onboard a super-sized yacht at Cannes,” says Chey. “He came to the screening and brought six of his friends. I warned him it was faith-based, but he still came. There’s a real hunger for things about God these days.”

“20 Minutes” comes on the heels of the ballistic missile warning in Hawaii in 2018 that caused many to panic and think of their eternal destiny. The false warning made worldwide news and graced the front pages of the BBC, Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, and 350 major news outlets.

20 Minutes Movie – IMDB

20 Minutes at Cannes

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