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Congratulations to my friend Cuba Gooding, Jr. on his Emmy nomination

Congratulations to my friend Cuba Gooding, Jr. on his Emmy nomination for ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’

Cuba also starred in our film ‘Freedom’ on the early life of John Newton – now playing on Showtime nationwide. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/tim-chey-talks-basketball-movie-113700094.html

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‘CARRY ME HOME’ – Epic Movie on John Newton’s Life Coming to Theaters

‘CARRY ME HOME’ – Epic Movie on John Newton’s Life Coming to Theaters

October 15, 2013The epic, big-budget Christian film, ‘Carry Me Home’, from Writer/Producer Tim Chey, comes to theaters in 2014. The film looks at two stories, one of them on the early life of John Newton, the former slave trader who wrote ‘Amazing Grace’

“John Newton’s life patterns mine in so many ways,” says Tim Chey. “He found Christ in a storm and his life changed forever.”

It took Chey eight years to research and write the script and nine years to bring the project to the big screen. The under $20 million dollar film has the 3rd highest budget for a Christian film after ‘Passion of the Christ’

“I was thrilled when Cuba Gooding, Jr signed on,” says Chey. “He was my first choice. He read the script and said, ‘I’m in.’

Chey’s friend, Dean Cundey (‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Back to the Future’) also shot the movie. “The entire movie’s terrific look is because of one person: my friend Dean. He did a phenomenal job.”

Chey traveled from Fiji to Mississippi to Nova Scotia scouting locations. He chose Connecticut because of the natural beauty and Mystic Seaport.

“I picked Connecticut because of the tremendous historical significance,” says Chey. “We also filmed on the Amistad ship with Dean in a helicopter covering some truly epic moments.”

The highly-anticipated film is slated to open wide in theaters throughout the U.S. in 2014

A sweeping, high-profile, and ambitious musical film, ‘Carry Me Home’ blends two powerful, redemptive stories into the background of Gospel/blues songs.

Official site: https://Carrymehomemovie.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarryMeHomeMovie

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjH8Um_uyt8

‘Carry Me Home’

Writer/Producer Tim Chey

Cinematographer: Dean Cundey

Associate Producers: Anna Sims, Christopher Purdy

Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Sharon Leal, William Sadler

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Final: The Rapture opening in theaters September 13!

PRLog (Press Release)Jul. 20, 2013LOS ANGELES, Calif.July 22, 2013 In what is becoming the most ‘scariest Christian movie of the decade’, the movie, ‘Final:

The Rapture’ will open in select theaters in September 13, 2013 starting in Houston.
The film is slated to open in select theaters throughout the U.S. starting in September 2013 starting in Houston and then on to LA, NY, Portland, Seattle, San Antonio, Nashville, and other cities.
“It was one of the best received films I’ve done,” says director Tim Chey. “A lot of people told me later they cried at several scenes.”
The film premiered to a standing-room only crowd at the new LA Live theater in downtown Los Angeles.  The packed theater cheered in the end.

“Somebody dropped a water bottle,” said one pastor who saw the film, “and it sounded like a canon went off”.

Another viewer commented, “I thought the Rapture was coming right then.”
‘Final: The Rapture’ was filmed in six countries and took almost five months of shooting.
Breathtaking, gripping, layered, and astonishing, Final: The Rapture is a gritty, international tale of four separate stories woven together by a common theme: the Rapture.

In Los Angeles, Colin Nelson desperately attempts to flee to Bora Bora. Keenly aware that he’s in the Tribulation period, his only hope is in a mysterious man. In Tokyo, a journalist, Masashi, tries to unravel the disappearance of millions of people as the government closes in on him. In Buenos Aires, Marie searches for her final relative as time runs out. And on a deserted island in the South Pacific, Tom Wiseman, an avowed atheist, attempts to be rescued after his plane goes down.


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Epic Journey Wraps Production

EPIC JOURNEY flyerEpic Journey Wraps Production

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 2, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — ‘The Epic Journey,’ the new film by Tim Chey, wrapped production after the camera team visited 27 countries in four months. “It was an incredible journey and a miraculous adventure,” says Chey. “I see God’s incredible hand in every story and every city we covered.”

The film documents amazing stories of people who found Christ in impossible situations (a’la John Newton, writer of ‘Amazing Grace’). The film team traveled to Tokyo, Cairo, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Nairobi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Rome, Lima, Buenos Aires, et al.

The incredible stories range from a Kenyan woman who ran out of food for her orphanage to a kidnapped victim in Afghanistan who was rescued by a Christ-like figure.

“These are profound, tear-jerking stories that will shake the most hardened, cynical atheist,” says Chey, who is also the co-host along with Annie Sims.

It’s been a busy year for Chey who also produced and wrapped production on ‘The Underground Railroad’ starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and is currently shooting the much-anticipated movie ‘Final’ in six countries based on the acclaimed novel. The film looks at the days immediately following the Rapture in four character’s lives.

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Live Fast, Die Young Movie in Dayton, Columbus

A team of us are currently in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio where we’re releasing our latest film, ‘Live Fast, Die Young’.

The people of Ohio are terrific – I spoke at several Bible study groups and churches here.

This morning I was on the radio with my good friend Judah, an evangelist, and we discussed how often we’re persecuted for doing the most simple things – like even handing out tracts or postcards with a Gospel message.

But there’s real unity and brotherhood in Christ in Ohio. People are real and they’re rock solid in their faith.

God bless everyone here.

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This past weekend, ‘The Genius Club’ (‘Duela De Genios’) was the #2 independent film in Mexico City (Sept 21-23) and #5 overall (out of 40 movies). Only ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, ‘Resident Evil’, and ‘Underdog’ beat us. We were in the 16 biggest theaters throughout Mexico City (Population: 22 million).

It caught our distributor, Cien Films, completely off guard.

The toughest film critics gave our film a thumbs up, with Milenio newspaper giving ‘The Genius Club’ 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is the same paper that has done no-holds bar critiques on Alfonso Cuarón (“The Children of Men”), Alejandro Iñárritu (“Babel”), and Guillermo del Toro’s (Pan Labyrtinth) movies.

The best part was the director, Tim Chey, being able to tell the reporters that the world’s problems ARE solvable and how God changed Mr. Chey’s life – it was phenomenal to say the least. We were featured in the largest newspapers, national TV, and even Rolling Stone. They told us they never saw a movie that discussed God intellectually.

At the screenings, people were seen literally weeping as they came out. It was infectious. Countless people approached us after our screenings to say how they cried and how much the film made them think about their lives, death, and God.

We’ve attached some press photos of our screenings, etc.

May the Lord bless each of you mightily as he has us!

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